Issues with sticking part in ABB Robot Studio

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on ABB Robot Studio for a project. I want to assembly an induction hob. I made all the pieces on Solidworks and imported them into Robot Studio with the .sat format. I programmed the positions that the robot must reach. I programmed the conveyors to stop when a part has to be removed and when the robot is finished, the conveyor starts again. But I have a problem: the robot moves the parts of a conveyor to the main part, and I attach them together, but when the conveyor restarts, the main part doesn’t move. I will put if i can a video of the simulation.


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  • So, I haven't done much of this, but from what I have done, you have two choices, both of which involve the Station Logic setup.

    The option I have the most experience with is to have multiple copies of the parts -- one on the conveyor, one on the final assembly, one attached to the robot. And use the Hide/Show functions to simply turn each copy's visibility on/off from inside the robot program.

    The more complicated approach would be to use Attach/Detach. In this case, you would need to attach each of the parts to the main assembly, but also attach the assembly to the conveyor. This would involve attaching the part to the robot at Pick, then detaching from the robot and attaching to the main assembly at Drop. Each event will require a robot signal and an Attach and Detach object in the Station Logic screen.

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