Teach Pendant Screen Brightness

  • Does it bother anyone else that when you leave a teach pendant sitting, and it goes to that kind of "sleep" mode, the screen actually gets brighter? And then when you start using it, it get's slightly dimmer? I think I know the cause, just not the solution.

    If you go MENU > SETUP > iPendant Setup the first box at the top is "iPendant Brightness Setup", which has 3 options: Low, Normal, High. But it seems that someone at Fanuc fat-fingered the actual values for those options. Low is the brightest, Normal is slightly dimmer, and High is practically off. I'm pretty sure when the pendant goes to "sleep", it changes brightness to "low", which is the brightest. Then when start using it again, it goes to "normal", which is slightly dimmer, which I guess is probably right. So basically just high and low are backwards.

    I'm guessing there is a system variable somewhere for these values, but I've taken a look through and I don't see anything obvious. Does anyone know where they're buried? I'd really like to correct this on the pendants I have to work with. Thanks!

  • This seemed to work, but I didn't want it all the way down to 10, so I tried 30 and it still went mostly black. So I put it back up to 70, and it still didn't work. It just seems to be mostly off when in sleep no matter what I put in there.

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