• Hello,

    In ABB SPOT WELDING AND DRESSER UNIT, I would like to run the dressing twice WITHOUT GOING TO TCP CHECK.



    MoveL Gun3T1SafeGunPrePositionJY1,v1000,Fine,Gun3T1TCP;

    MoveL Gun3T1SafeGunPrePositionJY2,v1000,Fine,Gun3T1TCP;

    TipDressL Gun3T1TipDressPos,Gun3T1TipCheckPos,Gun3T1SafeGunPrePositionJY1,Gun3T1SafeGunPrePositionJY2,v1000,Gun3T1,DresserOpeningGun3T1,RelZTipDressGun3T1,Gun3T1DressData,Gun3T1MeasData,Gun3T1TCP;


    Can anybody please help with the code.

  • AD
  • I suppose you are saying that the motion to TCP check are in the TipDressL routine. Please post TipDressL code.

    In addition to the code that Lemster68 is asking for, it is important you provide the version software and

    SpotWare being used. SpotWare has changed a lot over the 25+ years it's been around.

    Please be aware that the TCP check is there to check one of the physical tolerances needed for a quality weld. Skipping every other check increases the chances of noncompliant welds. If this is about cycle time, it is better to have skilled programmers reduce time in other places.

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