Analog Input Wiring

  • Hello all

    working with an R30IA Controller.

    I got a AAD04B Analog input module and I would like to connect a Balluff Distance Sensor to it. I am new to analog signals and am confused how to connect the sensor to the input module.

    attached is a picture of the Fanuc module schematic and a picture of the Balluff sensor schematic.

    Any Help is much appreciated. thanks.

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  • My guess is that you connect BN to +24VDC, BU to 0VDC and V2- on the analog input card, WH to I2+ AND V2+ on the analog input card, then install a 250 ohm resistor between I2+ and V2- on the analog input card. You can connect the sensor to any of the 4 channels, replace the 2 with the desired channel number (0-3).

  • Thanks DaveP for the help.

    I wired it up like you described, except I used a 220 ohm resistor since that's what I had on hand. but now when I watch the readings on the teach pendant, I get about 2428 at the furthest distance, and it counts down to 0 after moving closer by only about 1/4 of the distance, and then it jumps up to 4096 and starts counting down again as I move closer ending at 1645 as the closest reading.

    so something is still off. Any ideas?

  • So when I wire it up like DaveP said, buy without the resistor, the count on the teach pendant starts at 1749 and then counts down to zero 3 times(and restarts at 4096), and then ends at 3538.

    nothing changes when I connect V2- and COM2.

    the power supply has no ground on the 24v side, so I don't have it connected to the FG2.

    I know the sensor works because I had it connected to a siemens 4-20ma input module and it worked flawlessly.

    Below is the schematic with the notes underneath visible, maybe that will tell you what I am missing.

  • Thanks HawkMe for the reply.

    I added a wire from 0v on the 24v side of the power supply to the Cabinet Ground, and also a wire from there to COM2, and it still act the exact same way. is it possible something is configured wrong? all 4 analog channels show up in analog inputs.

  • also I did a test where I measure the voltage between V2- and I2+ and it starts at 4.4v and ends at 1.1v as I move the sensor closer, and it appears to move perfectly linearly. also I did an amp reading and it started at 0.005amps and ended at .018amps with my volt meter, which is 5-18ma with a proper milliamp reader it would probably come out a little better. I also tried the channel 3 instead of channel 2 and it reacts the exact same way. so what could I be missing? configurations maybe?

  • So I connected a little analog signal generator(model SG-002), and it acts the exact same way when I have it setup as 4-20ma, but when I change it to 0-10v and wire it accordingly, it also counts up and restarts the count at 0, but with voltage it counts up and resets 7 times, as opposed to 3 times with 4-20ma. maybe this can help narrow down the problem.

  • Can you give us a sketch showing exactly how you have it wired?


    I see the wiring in the picture. Looks like it should work. I have 2 ideas to try.

    1. Ground FG3.

    2. Take a backup first incase you need to restore the IO configs. Then try setting the system variable $IO_AUTO_CFG to true. Then cycle power and see if it automatically creates the same config for your analog card (same rack slot/slot assignment).

    If that doesn't help then it may be time to call Fanuc.

  • Below is how I wired it. I even added the FG2 to ground.(except its wired to input 3 not 2 at the moment) adding FG to ground doesn't seem to make a difference though. when I look at the variable you mention I see it is already set to true. which is odd, because I thought I had configured all the IO myself.

  • I did try voltage with a signal generator, wired like you said, and the results were very similar to what I am seeing now, it counted up and reset to zero about 7 times instead of 3 times with current.

    Unfortunately I don't have another card to try, I bought this one brand new on eBay.

    this is the 16 bit version of the card, does this affect anything maybe? I might not need the high resolution, what I am after is a higher refresh rate then, when I had it run through a siemens PLC into the robot using group inputs.

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