Palletizing programs and Simulation

  • Hi everyone, two questions

    where can I find examples of the most basic possible palletizing programs (Dual-Input-Dual-Output) for bags,

    Like the video, from the attached link (line A pallet A, Line B pallet B) .

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    As I still don't have training in Kuka programming, I needed to see which is the best and simplest strategy.

    Robot is old with krc2 and Kss 5.5.

    And the other is if using OrangeEdit is there any program to simulate the movements?. Currently I program in the robot console. .

    Thanks for all the help

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  • what is a "robot console"? do you mean teach pendant?

    if inline form instructions are all you know, palletizing program is going to be a very very long and arduous task because you will need to teach and maintain a lot of points.

    expert level programming makes use of native KRL so that repetitive parts can be grouped together (one or two layers) and then using loops and computation one can offset base or points to get the vertical displacement. this means very few points are actually taught or adjusted and programs are much shorter, without repetition.

    normally this type of application is done with either ready package such as PalletTech from KUKA or by creating own code from scratch. but writing and optimizing such code is not for beginners. it can be quite overwhelming even for those that successfully completed both basic and advanced programming courses. i know because i saw first hand how few people in KUKA class actually managed to get advanced exercises on their own and that is with trainer help.

    if you want to run program in a simulator, you need to get simulator that can execute KRL programs and that would be either OfficeLite (software solution) or OPS (hardware and software solution). but this only shows the program executing. to actually visualize motions in space you need some sort of CAD with robot and cell models. An example of this is SimPro or RoboDK. Trial versions are recommended to get familiar and if things go well, they may even do the trick...

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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