Older ABB Robot with DeviceNet

  • Hello,

    I have an older robot ABB irb 2600id-8/2.00 with IRC5 cabinet (DSCQ 639 computer) with robotware 5.15 and installed option:

    709-x DeviceNet

    709-1 Master/Slave Single

    623-1 Multitasking

    and other for MigMag and path options.

    I know I can use DeviceNet to connect to some external devices like gripper/cleaner etc with physical I/Os.

    I need to connect a PLC (Simens/Beckhoff) to this robot with 512 I/Os, I did set the IP adress of the LAN port for Public connection and I can see it in the network. I don't have the PLC in my hands yet but is it possible to connect PLC via this LAN port? Or do I need some other option/additional hardware for this?

  • AD
  • A couple of other options are to add the Ethernet I/P functionality to your robot controller, or to get a PLC that has a Device Net scanner. Getting keystrings modified by ABB takes a few weeks currently, and there may be a field bus adaptor required. Device Net is very straight forward and easy to set up in the robot.

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