D controller booting issue

  • Hello everyone,

    Can anyone one help about D controller booting issue.

    We have D+ controller and controller type is D42 and it's not booting properly, only Kawasaki logo coming and after that stuck on the same screen.

    Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue.

    We checked from our side and found in 1RB board glowing red light and according to manual LED indication it's PRG2 light but there is no mention what is the meaning of PRG2?

  • Sounds like the RAM battery is exhausted completely and/or the flash memory is stuffed.

    - When was the RAM battery last replaced?

    - Can you get online using RS232 communication and KCWin32 or KRTerm?

    - If you connect an RS232 Null modem cable between PC and controller and open KCWin32, then bootup the controller, a connection usually is automatically established and displays information.

    - If that happens, can you obtain a filesave?

    - If not, then the 1RA board could be stuffed.

    - If you have a file save already and can connect using RS232, have you tried loading that back in?

    - If not, only way of finding out is carrying hardware initialize, but this will dump ALL currently stored information and will render the controller unusable until ZROBOT information has been entered.

  • Dear Kawasaki sir,

    First of all thank you so much for your reply,

    I would like to inform you we recently changed the 1RA board because of booting issue and after that we load the AS and SV software and did the initialisation after that robot working properly, we did teaching after that turn off the controller and turn on next day, so error D2018 (Arm control board ) not responding.

    So we did controller OFF and ON but after that only Kawasaki logo coming.

    As you suggested I will try to connect rs232 with controller and PC.

    In 1RB board LED2 glowing red and according to manual it's PRG2 but I don't know what is the meaning of PRG2, please suggest if you about PRG2.

    As and SV version is,



    I am trying to hardware initialisation but it's not initialised, same Kawasaki logo coming and controller stuck on logo screen.

  • No idea, the manual states it should be OFF for normal, as it's showing RED, that means it's not normal.

    Led's 100-103 remain OFF until AS software is activated, as they are not on, this means AS is not activated.

    So initial data not being transferred at bootup or AS is not activating.

    Can we change 1RB board?

    Of course, just make sure:

    - not to mix red tab (1KA/1KB = D controller) and yellow tab (1RA/1RB) boards (D+ controller).

    - replacement has ALL dipswitch on board set the same as old one, including transfer of 1GM of board and exchange with power off.

    - uses existing SV installed in CPU board, so no need to load any firmware/data.

  • Dear Kawasaki sir,

    Thank you for your suggestion, it's helpful for us, we will change the board and let you know status.

    Hope so issue will resolve after replacing 1RB boar. :justice:

    Thank you once again.

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