Fanuc R-30iA Mate (Paint-Mate) SRVO-218

  • SRVO-218 Ext.E-stop/Servo Disconnect is the Error code that we are getting and we are trying to fix/bypass it the only thing I can find is (EES1-EES11, EAS1-EAS11, SD4-SD41,EES2-EES21) from looking in the manul but with looking inside of the box I am not seeing these wires, they might be misnamed very old robot. Thanks

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  • Yup The sticker was under the fan and it was a orange thermal block that had EES1-EES11 EES2-EES21. I think it said Btop7 and there was a Btop6 under it. But Btop7 was right and just had to put 2 jumpers in it. Thanks again

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