FTP save trigger via Telnet

  • Hello :welcome:

    I'm new to Kawasaki robots and just discover communication with TELNET. I haven't found any information in Kawasaki documentation and wonder if it's a possibility to configure FTP, or trigger file saving to FTP by TELNET?

  • Yes, I think I know the difference but I wonder if it is possible to e.g. trigger through telnet (maybe there is a particular command for that, like there is WEIGHT command for setting payload) saving file (e.g. oplogs, errorlogs) to configured before FTP server. Anybody?

  • You will probably able to do something as there is a dedicated input relative to autosaving, which you could implement in a background task that could be used initiate a file save or up load, but I assume certain conditions must be met.

    You would have to do some testing with something like Filezilla server and get an FTP connection established in the first instance and then progress from there.

    Back in the day, I remember coming across something that was dumping the error logs to an internal USB when certain errors were produced.

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