NX 100

  • We have an NX 100 ES 165 that has a damaged U axis encoder cable connection. Cable is fine, broken prong on encoder UTSAE-B17CL connector. We usually just replace the entire motor with encoder attached. If we were to simply swap out U axis encoder with another one from an identical robot, is this recommended? Both full motor with encoder swap vs just encoder swap involve Absolute data recovery so I am thinking just encoder may be quicker. Not sure how an encoder used on a different motor might react. Thoughts??

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  • There is not really a recommendation for this. Majority of motors the encoder can not be swapped out independently. The robot you mention has the bigger motors that could have the encoder swapped.

    It's a damn if you do, damned if you don't. There is a plug bolt that gets removed. Inside is a coupling that needs to be jammed up with a 2.5mm allen wrench. I have had times where the bolt inside the plug is too tight to remove and bend the allen wrench. On the coupling on the encoder side is a pin. That pin has to align into a hole on the encoder. There isn't a good way to really know if they are aligned. You will know when you turn on servo power and the U-axis starts to fall and the controller slams on the brakes.

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