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  • I have the following problem, at the beginning of a seam i have a j point Wich turns the burner so that it can make the seam without entering a limit error. However when the seam starts on automat, at some point i get a limit error. When I do bck movement to the j point the burner turns the right way and I don't get any errors. Why it is not doing the turning when moving free to the j point?

    Note it seems that the error occurs on the same place every time. Or every other time.

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  • Surely axis 6 is very close to the limit and in J movement it always tries to go the shortest route... making it reach the limit of axis 6. Maybe you need a auxiliar point, or try a L movement but with Wrist Joint

  • Thx for the answer Is have a seam that is going in circle. So i have only circle points and it goes in limit because the j boomt before the weld start is there to make sure that 6 axis is open. The thing is that sometimes it seems to work only bckw and I don't understand why.

  • This is the code , sorry I don't have the error code in the history any more, tomorrow earliest I will put the same fixture again so I can post the code. The error occurs on the first circle point. And if bckw to the j point then again fwd and it runs smoothly. Software is Arc Tool V9.03P/13, for ARC MATE 120id/12L

  • I notice you have a tool offset on your J point. Whenever you offset a joint move you can inadvertantly cross a limit. I would recommend instead doing a Joint move with no offset to start and ensure your axes are in a good starting position, then do you L move with offsets.

  • You have a full rotation between those two points. Joint moves will take into account the turn number. Linear and Circular moves do not, they try to go for the shortest path, which in this case is past the limit.

    You can try to change the config to NUT 000 and see what happens.

    As with any testing, be careful and always test in T1/T2 mode at slow speed before testing in AUTO.

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