Running / Fault Status Stack Light

  • I’m having an issue on A Fanuc LR Mate 200-ib RJ3i ,(Not a 30i controller)

    Looking to be able to turn on a green light DO[102] when SO[1] Cycle Start light is ON

    And turn on a red light DO[101] when SO[3] Fault Light is ON

    To signal running or error state on a Stack Light.

    Normally I would do this with BG Logic or mixed logic, Flags etc..

    But on this controller it doesn't have any of these functions.

    Interconnect is only [DI]to[DO], [DI]to[RO], [RI]to[DO] No [SO] [SI] or [ES] available in choice selection.

    Is there any easy way to accomplish this.

  • What version is the OS? You can see that when you hit the utilities->Hints screen. I'm guessing V5.4.

    Do you have the RUN command available? You could setup a separate task to monitor IO and run the stack light.

    There was a thread going over running a separate task a couple of years ago here.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

  • I'm not familiar with that controller but on the R30iA there is an output on one of the boards that indicates a fault, I think on the panel board. I assume a similar signal exists on the RJ3i. If you have the manual for your controller you could find that output and wire it into the red light.

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