For sale: 3d printing robot - Fanuc s-430iW with RJ3 controller

  • Fanuc s430-iW industrial robot arm

    Has been used for the past 4 years as a 3d printing robot.

    As featured in the Massive Dimension MDPE2 promotional video:

    RJ3 controller:

    - 16 digital inputs

    - 16 digital outputs

    - 16 analog inputs

    Controller options/add-ons:

    - ASCII upload option (automates conversion of ascii-readable program files in .LS format into the required .TP format)

    - TCP speed prediction option

    - Remote TCP option

    - Custom KAREL script to automate loading/unloading parsed programs (for drip-feeding large program files, eg, CNC operations)


    contact if interested

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  • mts04a60

    Changed the title of the thread from “For sale: Fanuc s-430iW with RJ3 controller” to “For sale: 3d printing robot - Fanuc s-430iW with RJ3 controller”.
  • SkyeFire

    Approved the thread.

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