Drop part logic

  • Could someone help me with drop part logic ?

    My program is simple. I call the pickup, then have about 24 drops per pallet. I need something that will go back to pickup if it drops a box , then retry the same pick again.

    Label 1

    Call pick

    Carry part

    If GO3 < 100, jump label 1


    Drop part

    End if

    Would that work ?

    My group output will be something along the lines of 1200, but you get it. Also, what if I don’t use a group output? How would I program that to look for any of 6 DIs to turn off for the IF statement ?

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  • It would work as long as you call pick program stays on the same part. Without seeing the code it's hard to say.

    You can have an if statement with 6 DIs. Just use "or".

    Hi Hawk, everytime a fence is opened the speed drops to 10%. this is killing production because operator forget to increase speed. wHEN I try to increae fenceoverride in system variables it's saying write protected

  • Try to change the variable in controlled start mode. You could use the Override Restore function. For this, you have to set the variable $SCR.$RECOV_OVRD to TRUE. This is only possible in controlled start mode.

    With this function the override will be recovered as soon as the fence is closed again. Using this function requires the system in remote control and the override won't be changed while the fence is opened.

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