S4C+ teach pendant swap

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    Anyone know if all the teach pendants are swappable? I have 2 with the same p/n. I is a irc4+ and the other is probably from 4+ but a bit older. The software versions are different on the screens 1.3 vs 1.4. It seems to work but if I unpush the estop I get a blank flashing screen. Possibly the estop is wired different in the robot console. I seen a older one version 4 compared to the 4+. The version 4 has a different pinout but same p/n.

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    i am not sure what you mean by turn off the controller? If there is a specific procedure, let me know. I did not see one in the manual. I power down the robot and plug in the new one. it is the 3HNE00313-001. It is the same pin config as the previous one also.

  • Ya i tried that. Most likely the estop is wired differently or there is hardware damage. I will update when or electrician checks it out.

  • All 3HNE00313-001 pendants are wired the same. In 2010, ABB had a recall to replace the e-stop switches made by Baco with ones made by ABB. The Baco switches were prone to dirty contacts after so many years. For the 3HNE00313-001 pendants, the replacement ABB part # for the e-stop switch is 3HAC032444-001

    Perhaps your pendant has dirty e-stop contacts.

  • Good to know about the baco switch. I will check that out. i will try and run it without the switch at first. I will investigate the wiring diagram if possible. It makes a short when put in normal mode.

  • Just an update incase this might help someone in the future.

    I took the screen and touch pad from a donor unit and did a swap. Did not change the motherboard. One was version 1.3 and 1.4. The motherboard was slightly different on the donor. The inverter board for the screen was the same. It's probably the same but wanted to keep the 1.4. The boot up screen is slightly different on the 1.3. If someone is looking for sc4+ parts I bought from a company in UK and got the donor shipped to me in Canada

  • Lemster68

    Changed the title of the thread from “Irc4+ teach pendant swap” to “S4C+ teach pendant swap”.

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