Fanuc Abort All for movement outside RSR program

  • Hi All,

    I believe I need an 'Abort All' action to be able to move the arm via System Monitor action program..(I get SYST error when the main RSR program is not aborted).

    The application is for operator to move the Robot home at will by pressing a button on the panel. (The whole point is to make it easy for them as they don't want to touch the pendant).

    However I cannot find anywhere a variable or command to cause 'Abort All' without a real wired input that can't be simulated. (I know there is Abort instruction however it only aborts the current program.. which when used in a system monitor program, only aborts the monitor 'action' program.)

    Any info regarding System or program monitor, or Abort All by instruction would be greatly appreciated.


  • Use the UI signal cstopi. Then in system config set cstopi to abort all.

    It is an input but you don't have to wire to it. You can also control it in your program by mapping it to a flag. Or use a comm protocol.

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