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  • Hello,

    So part of my college research is to write down notes and take notes on all that I have learned. I'm creating a word doc that outlines everything from simply how to use an arm and set up a user frame to setting up the vision system. That way when I leave and someone wants to work on the robotic arm after me they won't have to start from square one, because there isn't a class that teaches you any of this.

    I have been working on this for about a semester and a half and I thought I might ask:
    What are some of the most common or most annoying errors you run into and how do have you fixed them?

  • Most common alarm that I get calls for is SRVO-062 BZAL (Battery Zero ALarm).

    This either happens if the customer forgets to replace the encoder batteries, or they change the batteries with the power off.

    No matter how much I stress setting up a schedule to change the batteries once a year, which is six months sooner than Fanuc recommends, many smaller operators will forget. Larger companies are usually pretty good about having a maintenance planner who will put together a PM schedule.

    Changing the batteries with the power on is also stressed during training, but there's always someone who forgets. Even though it says to do it with the power on in embossed print directly on the battery door... :wallbash:

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