Replacing 710iC arm

  • Medium fast, to fast. Not sure exactly. But it's bookin it. The PLC will slow it down at certain points as it goes. It's all set as a few registers.

  • My observations & opinions:

    1. Many robots running fast at full weight/payload capacity will wear out quickly and most Fanuc models are in this category. It's a shame for a company that built one of the most mechanically robust robots ever made - the S-420iF.

    2. Poor programming techniques causes more wear than overloading. The overuse of linear moves, improper accuracy (cont/fine) and too many points causes constant changes in motor/gear speeds and is a big contributor to premature wear.

    3. Done many, many first PMs on grease based med/large Fanuc robots over the years and have found most grease cavities are low on grease right from the factory - J2, J3 & upper arm are under-filled. Seems like they fill the cavities to the bottom of the motor opening and then install the motor - done.

    4. My preference is to fill the grease cavity. Leaving a larger air volume allows greater pressure differences when temperature increases/decreases and greater pressure is more opportunity for leaks. Having the extra liquid grease keeps expansion/contraction low, gives better dispersion of impurities and heat transfer.

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