Help with logic

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  • You need add a Timeout in the WAIT and use Labels. You can configure this timeout in "System > Config > WAIT timeout"

    Example program:


    J P[1] ....

    WAIT DI[1]=ON Timeout LBL[100] (This wait is for boxes for example)

    [Here instructions for do things with the box]

    JPM LBL[101]

    LBL[100] (From timeout)

    J P[x]....

    [Turn off the blower]

    WAIT DI[1]=ON (This wait is for boxes for example)

    JMP LBL[1]



    In this program, what the code does is that it goes to the point of waiting for boxes, and when it is waiting, when the configured timeout passes, it will jump to the programmed label and you can do other things. And from the timeout we return to where we were. Now you can do the movement how more you like.

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