USA vs Europe question

  • Hello all,

    A customer of mine just got a secondhand robot and it is from the USA market and that therefore is not suitable to use in the European market (I have learned this from the Fanuc technical support in Spain, as I gave them the serial number to make a question, they just told me that).

    This said, I saw their answer just before taking a plane on Friday afternoon and was not possible for me to contact them again.

    As I should go to my customer to start programming that robot on Monday... ^^¡

    I thought on asking here if any of you have been in this situation in the past... and, if it was possible to adapt a USA robot to the European market to stay safe and inside the law.

    Thank you all for your time and help.

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    You did not provide the controller model and the software version.

    Probably, the robot is too old.

    If it has DCS option, there is no reason for it be not suitable to use in the European market. Without such, it most probably would not be accepted nowadays in North America either.

  • Transformer is already there.

    This is my first Fanuc and as you can see, I am starting well... ^^¡

    Yesterday I did a factory settings, mastered it and configured the adjust tool and a couple of user frames.

    Managed to send all the programs (after compiling them in Roboguide)...

    Waiting now for my customer to finish the electrical and mechanical installation.

    At the end, my customer will have to decide what to do with the robot.

    Fanuc Spain told me they don't want to give spare parts nor physical support; they can only give phone support on that robot. All strange enough, in any case, I hope everything works as expected and that I won't need that much support.

    Thank you all for your comments. :thumbs_up:

  • Ce certification of the robot can be done when the whole installation is certified, the robot will come along in that proces.

    The robot has to have a double safety circuit, otherwise the whole installation will not be certified.

    Fortunately there are a lot of other companies that will provide spare parts.

  • rob76 yes, of course... I don't know how my customer plans to cope with this. I am a freelance and I only program that thing, I am not the company who will sell the installation neither certificate it.

    kluk-kluk sure they will have to get a company like that to certify the robot. I guess the final price will be much more expensive than a new robot would have costed.

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