Shift frame while running/moving

  • We are using our robot for plasma cutting and would like to shift the z axis while the robot is running (from feedback of the torch and workpiece distance). Assuming that we already have the height value on PC, how can we shift the z height while running the robot (while the job is running)?

  • If robot is running and is done a MOV instruction, only a Motoplus function can help you. You can write a program and use sensor function in Motoplus. when the robot is moving, every time you give the offset value for Z direction, robot want to change position in Z direction.

  • 2 options

    1) Sensor board with ACORON function. send analog value to the sensor board coming from the measuring height and robot can compensate accordingly

    2) system job that calculate a frame constantly according to the values. your job must be relative according to that frame.

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