ABB IRB 6600 IRC5 error during startup

  • Hello

    We are getting 0x80070057 error after turning the robot on.

    After power on Flex Pendant shows Starting the Aplication loading approx. 5 minutes then the error appears on the screen.

    After clicking ok on the error message Flex Pendant will boot again and then in will show connecting to the robot controller loading. It will stay there. After turning the power off and on all starts from the beginning.

    Robot ABB IRB 6600 IRC5 2004

    All started with issue where robot restarted the controller during the operation automatically and won't boot up after that.

    One capacitor where faulty on the motherboard, all capacitors where changed.

    Now the main computer hardware seems to ok.

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    We solved the issue.

    During the main coputer repair we cahenged out one RAM what was broken. (Broken RAM disturbed the computer at start up and it didnt boot up). We replaced the broken RAM with other one which where with smaller memory capacity. And this was the reason fot this 0x80070057 error. We added one extra RAM with smaller capacity to the motherboard and now it will boot up.

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