Adding SMC EX600 Sen 3 to Fanuc Ethernet IP

  • Hi all.

    I am struggling to get a SMC EX600 sen3 to communicate with Fanuc robot.

    I added all the parameters as per the .eds file for this module but I get the comms light flashing green and get the online or active on the robot.

    Also the MS light flashes green but manual says it either control / PLC / robot is idle state or configuration error.

    I would assume this is as I have no communication.

    Anybody have ideas. Please.

  • AD
  • - wrong IP settings on robot

    - wrong ip settings on module

    - wrong network plug on robot

    - wrong parameter settings on robot

    You should provide screenshots of your settings, hardware and the eds file here.

  • What settings did you use? I just commissioned one of these a few months ago with no issues.

    Can you ping the module from the Fanuc? Can you access the SMC web server from a PC?

    Have you confirmed that your input and output sizes are correct? The SMC web server is very useful for confirming the I/O size.

    Here are the settings I used:

  • thanks for the help. I had exactly the same settings. Found the problem. Cable was a problem but not completely dead. Was giving half a indication of working.

    Anyway. Thanks for the help

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