how make it so i can enable teach pendent during production?

  • I have disabled all of the bits in the PLC that prevent program from running while in production. I am assuming all that is left is something internal within the robot. How can I fix this so I can make simple corrections while in production. As of now, if I want to do something as simple as change the speed, I have to take robot out of production. Thank you

  • Use Background edit. At the top of the select screen is a file called bckedt. You select that first, then select the program you want to modify, then make and apply the changes.

    However you cannot apply the changes if that program is currently running. It's works best if you have a main program that calls sub programs and you don't need to edit the main. Then it is pretty easy to apply changes to any sub programs. You just have to hit the apply button while that sub isn't currently being called.

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