ARC Start parameter file

  • Hey Guys!

    I am wondering if anyone has ever looked into the ARCSRT.CND file containing the weld setting parameters? I want to know what parameter is what on the pendant so I can decipher all of the programs from the PC.

    For example this is one of my arc programs.

    I think line 10 might be

    Start Arc Length, Main Arc Length

    I don't know the other 2.

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  • I did map the CND file a while ago and put it in an excel file to automatically translate it. Unfortunately I am unable to share the file due to my companies policies and I use a custom teach pendant specifically for my company. As well, the parameters probably differ from welding power supply manufacturers. I remember when I mapped them that I took an unused file number and modified all of the parameters on the teach pendant to various numbers. Then when I opened the CND file on a laptop I could see which numbers appeared where in the ARCSRT. It will take a couple attempts as the on off settings (like weave) will have to be done when nothing else is changed to identify which number it is in the ARCSRT. Also, not all of the values in the file are used by the teach pendant. For example, I know line 6 value 13.1 is the speed value and for my settings line 8 is my starting and main current while line 9 is my starting and main voltage. I suspect line 13 value 12 is your welding power supply parameter file but like I said there may be differences. I hope this helps.

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