Kuka krc2 ed05 heat exchanger

  • Hi all, have a stupidly simple problem but after scouring the forums and manuals cant find and answer.
    can any one tell me how to get access to the external fan/fans and heat exchanger to clean them, am reluctant to just blind fire high pressure air in to it and hope for the best.
    have been running the robot as a milling machine for wood and foam and inevitably due to the small size of my workshop its finally getting choked up, and after running today the last few cuts i was aware the cooling fans did not cycle back off but no errors, 25minutes after last motion and i shut it down fans still running and the air in the cabinet was mildly warm, but was not moving much air out the back, where as in the past is has been, no changes in phase rotation.

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    check the back side. fortunately did not have to touch this in years but if i recall correctly there should be screws near the top side. you may have to look through the grill slots.

    once the screws are out of way, use the white ring-shaped plastic pull tab to lift and pull out the back panel. note that this can be hard since there are guiding pins on each side and the cover tends to seize. i always hated this part. note that the guiding pins are meshed with 45 degree slots so you want to follow that angle when trying to remove or install back cover. you cannot see them until cover is removed.

    If you are replacing fan, make sure that it turns the right way. hang piece of paper near the exhaust grill at the top. if paper is blown away, fan direction is correct. if the paper is pulled towards the cabinet, you need to power down and swap two supply phases (any two).

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Today i followed your instructions and 100% exactly as described side panels had hidden screws 2 each side at top. panels lifted out, back panel had 3 screws and took a small amount of leverage to come up and out at 45deg, and id bet you wont be surprised to know the fan was running in reverse, and yet the inside fan was forward, flipped the phase to fan only and robot ran grate today fan only ever popping in a a minute once every 15.

    your memory is grate, thanks again.

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