Message Communcation with PROFINET (or Ethernet/IP)?

  • Hey RF Nerds,

    I've been in chats w/ Motoman about trying to get better synchronous data transfer to/from the DX200 robot controller and my PLC (Siemens S7-1500 in this case). They have two manuals available, one for AB / Ethernet/IP and one for Siemens / PROFINET (I'll attach both below).

    My program structure:

    - MASTER.JBI, called by the PLC at program init. Runs DATAXFER.JBI once at job init to synchronize data w/ the PLC (bits/bytes happen synchronously, have to turn these into ints/doubles/reals for the robot with some math)

    - Job calls are issued by a switch-case in MASTER.JBI given a program number and a permissive bit from the PLC

    - Data is re-sync'ed with DATAXFER.JBI each time something changes (counters, positions, offsets, etc).

    The issue:

    - DATAXFER.JBI takes ~1 second to run, which adds up over time when running many different job calls. Would like to find a way to synchronously update variables on the DX200 controller side the same way that bits/bytes are updated on the CP1616 card.

    Allegedly there's a way to do this with explicit message communication, but Yaskawa's documentation isn't great for Siemens support (more geared towards AB).

    Anyone have any experience setting this up, or had success in getting messages to write to variables directly on the DX200 controller? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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