Mobile platform for lifting

  • Hi guys,

    I work in an industrial environment where we have to manually lift heavy doors weighing about 150 pounds (100x250x5cm).

    We are looking for a better, less strenuous solution. We also need to move a single door from A to B via a fairly small path (not a lot of workspace) and stack it in a rack at a different level, so the solution should be able to move to different positions from 50cm off the floor to 130cm and then the operator can simply slide the door to its location without lifting.

    And the operators will be working around the door, so it should not be affected by any elements of the machine, it should be as if it were a work table.

    I'm thinking of some kind of rechargeable electric pallet truck with a plate.

    Any idea?


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  • maybe KUKA KMP? different vehicles exist (KMP200, KMP400, KMP600, KMP1500)

    Awesome! Thanks. i keep this in mine. I would like to have 2 or 3 different solution to propose. For example, a machine that has handles that the operator can "drive" or click a button without being automated.


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