RS003N question - noob

  • I'm trying to set up this robot with the F60 controller. I'm looking at the controller operations manual, but I'm not seeing anything about doing the initial set up steps. E.g., setting limits, defining where base home is, etc. Am I looking at the wrong manual? I am new to industrial robots, so this is all new to me. Thanks.

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  • Welcome to the forum.......... :beerchug:

    No, you're not looking in the wrong place.

    Kawasaki do not provide any such documentation/step by step guide unfortunately.

    Most cases the robot is set to defaults unless requested otherwise:

    - Maximum working envelope for each joint.

    - Maximum acceleration and deceleration.

    - Maximum payload at the centre of the flange.

    - Base and Tool Coordinate systems set to NULL.

    - 2 Home positions set to 0 degrees for each joint.

    - Teach and Check speeds.

    - 4 pages of IFP available.

    - QTOOL ON for Block programming tool no. usage.

    If you make a list of what your specifically looking for, I can point in you in the right direction.

    Aux functions are the main areas to look into, but Kawasaki can be a bit of a black box.

    However most generic parameters sit in the aux function area, so I would recommend to have a good read through them on the teach pendant and then cross reference them using the operations and AS language programming manual.

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