Change robot speed from PLC

  • Hello,

    I have one robot Mitsubishi FR-D series CR800 -- RV2FRB-D how communicate with one PLC via Profinet.

    I want to change the robot speed from PLC but I don't know how.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions!


  • I don't think you can create an OVRD with a value from profinet, But you could make a Case statement with for a selection with some hard OVRD values,

    Select MCNT

    M1=10 ' This line is not executed

    Case 1

    OVRD 100


    Case 2

    OVRD 50


    End Select

  • Hello

    You need to to configure Data : Robot->Parameter->Signal Parameter->Dedicated Input/Output Assignment->Data.

    Then you need to output IODATA input to the robot for at least 15 ms before inputing OVRDSEL signal.

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