• I have a question. I am using smartPAD ver 8.6. , sometimes it shakes, and cannot switch mode from AUT to T1 (or T2). Can anyone help me to resolve this problem? Thanks all.

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  • you mean system is running KSS8.6 and your smartPad is V2?

    what do you mean by "sometimes it shakes"? there is no moving parts in smartPad so nothing that should cause any shaking. unless it was dropped and something is broken. KSS8.6 is new so system is likely under warranty. so why not use it to get any service or replacement to fix the issue?

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  • The smartpad's connection might be the problem.

    (or someone might have pushed the gray "disconnect" button accidently)

    I would stop the system if possible, shut the power off, unplug the Smartpad, quick air blast on Smartpad's connector, plug it back and re-start.

  • For the Smartpad Ver 2, there are more bugs compared to the 1st generation and its firmware is released quite frequently on the KUKA Download website. I would check for firmware updates first, then suspect any hardware problems in this case.

    You can download the firmware update for free on if you are in US, MX and CA, otherwise, you have to contact the local KUKA Representative for the consultation and upgrade it on your own because it is not so complicated. Please read the release note carefully due to some software incompatibility (Roboteam).


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