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  • panic mode , my question is completely different , I mean when my program is executed and finished,is it possible to reset the program with plc and it comes back to the first one,according to the picture , R ,which has turned black ,turns yellow again,reset program can it be done with plc?in this fashion?I am asking thus,if possible ,how can I do it?

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  • You are mixing different questions in one thread, if you have a new/different question you should open a new thread.

    For your last quest look there:

  • I thought there was a command line to reset the program,can't you tell me what to do here,I know you are tired of my questions,please tell me step by step what to do

  • As I understand, this is a forum to help people to help themselves.

    Think we have done it in this thread more than enough. ;)

    In the quoted thread there are many hints to solve your problem, at least you have a keyword to search for. There exist many threads about cwrite($cmd...

    Don't be lazy, if you want others not to be lazy.

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