question about setting up KRC4 robot

  • 8. I do have a transformer and it is a delta, I will have to look around for wye transformer. Quick question on that you mention symmetrical wye, but I can't find a reference to that, is there anything special about it:

    I hope I answered all the questions, please let me know if I missed something.

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    your controller is not North American. it is European version and it is only CE approved so depending how things are run in your neck of woods you will likely need field inspection before you are allowed to power it up. One of the other differences is that supply is brought through gland on top and wired directly to disconnect. Also disconnect switch is different - it has door interlock so that one cannot open cabinet while powered.

    This is how label for North American cabinet looks like

    In the type you can see "KRC4 NA" and UL approval is done by certified lab (TUV). little "c" in lower left corner for CSA. the "us" on the lower right is UL. also UL cabinets would have "UL" suffix in the Type ("KRC4 NA UL").

    and this is how cabinets normally look like on this side of the pond:

    This is how approval process looks here and USA should be very similar due UL/CSA compatibility. Btw this PDF is couple of year old and don't have time to look for newer.

    KUKA USB Recovery Stick is a special USB stick from KUKA. It is bootable stick that has KUKA software on it. It is the only USB stick that controller will boot from. Image for KSS8.2 is not large so even old 4Gb recovery stick would do. There are also 8Gb and 16Gb versions. Either way they are not $20 thing (more like $1000).

    the grounded wye means the center of wye is grounded and three phases are same voltage with respect to ground, and 120deg phase angle offsets. corner grounded delta is not symmetrical since phase voltages are not equal with respect to ground.

    If your 480V is from sufficiently large transformer that has wye secondary with center grounded, you are all set. But since voltage is not standard 400V, WorkVisual setup must be setup for 480V.

    About your hardware:

    robot label shows it is KR240 R2900 ultra standard floor mounted (not KR270 as you stated before)

    your controller does not have an X11 interface (that would require SION-SIB-STD board and cable set). Daimler/Mercedes is using ProfiNet so you would need to get Siemens safety PLC (ProfiNet master). there are pair of contactors used for safety. They are connected to CCU and their monitoring need to be activated in safety config.

    in the cabinet, on the right side is KPP (same look like drives). This is KPP0 - just a power supply, has no servo amplifiers built in, hence zero. this was common in time of KSS8.2. to drive six axis robot two KSPs are needed. each has 3 servo amplifiers. main axes (A1,A2,A3) tend to need need larger output KSP (3x40 Amp or 3x 64 Amp). Wrist axes are normally fine with 3x20A.

    and that is what your photos show:

    unit in the middle is KSP600-3x20 (3x 20A amps) for robot wrist axes.

    unit on the left is either KSP600-3x40 (3x 40A servo amps) or KSP600-3x64 for the robot axes A1-A3. label is obscured in your photos by cable.

    Configuring KSS8.2 is a bit different since there was no drive configuration editor. One would need to dump in correct "Wagon drive config". Worse, there was no support for saving WoV project before it is transferred from KRC to PC running WorkVisual. This sucks big time... newer KSS are way friendlier in this respect.

    Btw, even today WorkVisual does not create complete project. One still must import some things manually. This is work that one tries to avoid and normally that is not an issue when original HDD and software are all there - one can simply use factory supplied base project. In your case there will be need for a bit of TLC to massage the WoV project into shape.

    hope this helps... good luck.

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