For Sale - Brand New 5 Rack R30iB Controller PLC

  • Hi Guys

    Based in the UK.

    I have a complete 5 Slot R30iB Controller PLC and interconnection cables available, which everything is brand new, never been used.

    Consisting of:

    - 5 Slot Backplane.

    - PLC Processor.

    - 2x 16 Digital Input Modules.

    - 2x 16 Digital Output Modules.

    - Power Supply Link Cable.

    - Communication Cable.

    Looking at selling the complete kit (not willing to separate).

    I know how much the complete kit is from Fanuc, not expecting that at all, but any sensible offers are welcomed.

    I am advertising explicitly here on the forum within the specialized community for 1 month from today, after 1 month, I will also be advertising it elsewhere and it may no longer be available.

    Grab yourself a bargain whilst you can.

    Please note:

    I can't accept any returns except if you find anything DOA, but I have confirmed life exists already and specific details noted, to prevent false claims.

  • AD

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