Looking for material to reference for making controls remote

  • Looking for material to reference for making controls remote. I have the Handling tool manual and nothing so far has jumped out. Currently, operators are using the teach pendant to change recipes and control speeds. This is not ideal. I need to figure out how to move all of that control to the HMI. Is there a specific manual for that? There is an HMI that does have tags that show the status of the infeed and conveyors. So, I assume it would be easy to move the start signal to the HMI also. I just need to figure out how.

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  • Hi,

    Depending on your HMI's capabilities, you may have several solutions:

    - If your HMI has an Ethernet connection and support SNPX protocol, it can read/write your robot's DI, DO and registers like on a PLC. First, you'll need and ethernet connection beetween both and appropriate TCP/IP settings. Then, gather MARUIBHMI03031E manual (provided with handling tool manual) where you'll find SNPX setup, config and operation manual.

    - If your HMI doesn't support SNPX or doesn't have Ethernet capabilities, you can use fieldbus (modbus, profinet, etc.) and map your DI/DO accordingly from both sides.

  • If you do go with the SNPX approach, you will need to add the 'Basic HMI' option to the robot.

    If your fieldbus is Ethernet/ IP, and if there is a PLC in your cell, you can use explicit messaging to read/write directly to various areas of the controller.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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