fanuc contact stop function

  • hello guys

    I have been working on the pick and place of connecting rod project for the last 4 months

    I am facing a severe and irritating issue with FANUC CR-15iA Cobot (collaborative robot)

    we are running it in the production cycle for the last 4 months

    but, Due to contact stop, the cobot has frequently been stopped. that isn't very pleasant for me

    because every time I have to press the resume button.

    I have grouted the robot as per Fanuc's guidelines.

    I also checked the payload execution

    and payload with the job and without a job has been declared.

    and also used disabled the collaborative whenever it's necessary. as per the FANUC's instructions in "COLLABORATIVE FUNCTION MANUAL"

    but still, it stops in the Air even if the robot is not holding the job.

    I have shared the photos of the program sample

    NOTE: DO 200 is NSI bit (Non-Safety Input) which enables the Robot mode and disables the Cobot mode and VICE-VERSA

    After the D200 is in OFF condition its stops and shows "contact force stop" error


  • AD
  • Hello mate,

    I got simple issue.

    I don't know how to enable or disable the contact stop feature with DO. What should the configurations be?

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