Cartesian mode weird movement

  • Hi all,

    I need help in Motosim,

    There's this coordinated motion cell arranged with two robots in a jigless synchronized movement. Both robots calibration position is flange to flange in contact, with robots in WORK HOME position posture, one facing the other. By some reason I can't figure out why, when moving the robot in cartesian mode, the TCP moves correctly in a straight line along the y axis but the posture of the flange rotates as if an S joint move was performed.

    In other words, TCP should remaing irrotational around the 3 axes, but it rotates, when moving along y, the TCP rotates around z like keeping the x axis always pointing the robot zero position, intersecting z axis. But once you move the flange from the z zero position, the behaviour is normal.

    Does anyone have had this problem?


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  • What robot models?

    Where is the Work Home Position?

    Is the robot in singularity?

    What Cartesian mode are you jogging in?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • GP180, WP is in the standard WP, For the coordinate I'm willing to move, it is!! But it does not show the alarm of excessive segment for that move, so instead of resolving the issue, it goes this way! may it be a bug of the program for this robot or controller? Or some setup configuration that leads to this behaviour?

    I'm jogging it in precisely Cartesian mode. No Cylindrical, Rectangular.

  • You may be in cylindrical as apposed to rectangular.

    Go to setup/teaching conditions to change.

    Robodoc, As 95devils noticed, perhaps it's because the robots are forced to move in the standard WP position in the Y direction, but instead of going in excesive segment error, it moves like this, similar to S joint movement but keeping track of x and z in zero coordinates.

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