Calculate base frame

  • Hello

    i am trying to understand how this base frame is recalculated:


    In $config.dat file the base frames are:

    BASE_DATA[15]={X 2238.698,Y 19.9419994,Z 1436.99402,A -179.529007,B 3.78999996,C 2.97600007}

    BASE_DATA[62]={X 1793.93994,Y 744.73999,Z 13.8000002,A 90.0149002,B 0.00490000006,C -0.00120000006}

    BASE_DATA[14]={X 2238.698,Y 19.9419994,Z 1436.99402,A -179.529007,B 3.78999996,C 2.97600007}

    BASE_DATA[54]={X 3500.0,Y -780.0,Z 470.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}



  • AD
  • Maybe this helps what to expect from the ":" operator:

    Also you could read about homogenous coordination transform matrices represented here by ZYX-Euler angles.

    Homogeneous Transformation Matrices in Robotics | Fundamentals of Robotics | Lesson 14 - YouTube

    Essentially ":" operator is nothing else than multiplying two of these matrices.


  • VMT is a company for measurement systems in a wide range of applications. May be there is a sensor and measurement software somewhere in your application, that comes from VMT. Some years ago I had an application from VMT with a pepperl&fuchs laser sensor.

  • what could "VMT_VER" mean?

    It's a variable someone created, probably a FRAME type.

    At this point, your best bet is to take an Archive of the robot, and run a search of it using BareGrep or some similar text-searching tool. When you find the line where VMT_VER is DECL'd, and whatever lines write to that variable, you'll have the answer.

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