KUKA KRC4 losing communication with Smartpad

  • Hello guys, how u doing?

    I have a weird case to share with you. A client of our company is having a weird problem, they have a KUKA KRC4 KR 60-3 KSS 8.3, the robot runs normally until in some point of the day, loses communication with the Smartpad and only the IP stays on green. What they do is plug out the 27V KPC supply, turn off the cabinet, plug in the KPC supply and turn on the cabinet again, the robot turns on again and runs normally until some point, sometimes in the same day, another times in the next day.

    Weird right? Do you guys have any idea of what can be happening?

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  • yea, lots of weird things...

    like clients opening controller and unplugging 27V PSU...

    asking for help and not stating detailed software version even though there is more than 50 "KSS8.3". making own vague description of what is observed instead of posting screenshot, etc.

    if you are to troubleshooting smartPad issues, one very obvious thing to try is to start system and disconnect smartPad (use the white button). if no smartPad is connected, there can be no connection problems. if system works well with smartPad disconnected, then try different smartPad.

    another obvious step is to collect KRCDiag immediately after issue happens and sending it to KUKA.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • loses communication with the Smartpad and only the IP stays on green.

    Screenshot? Does the robot stop running when this happens?

    What they do is plug out the 27V KPC supply,

    ...why? That makes no sense

    turn off the cabinet

    They should simply do that, not open the cabinet and unplug the KPC.

    In a situation like this, I would try:

    1. Use the hot-plug function of the SmartPad to disconnect the SmartPad, then reconnect it, and see if communications are regained

    2. Run the robot without the SmartPad, as Panic already suggested, but also connect a standard DVI monitor so as to see what the KPC is doing.

    If the issue is with KRC/SmartPad communications, then running the robot "headless" without the SP should fix the issue until the root cause can be diagnosed. If the issue lies in the KRC, then the DVI monitor should show something indicative.

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