How remove controls from TP/controller to HMI

  • Hi, i am at the end of a robot integration. I have completed all of the points and am now at a stage where I want to bring all the controls away from the TP and controller and onto the HMI. Do you know where I could look for guidance? I have never done this. The only HMI programming i Have done is with PLC. I will be using a Allen Bradley for current project. I need to select recipes from HMI, cycle start, hold, terminate pallet.

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  • Check out User I/O or UOP in the HandlingTool manual. Or search this forum. I am sure there is an existing thread that can give you a pretty thorough explanation.

    awesome. Thank you ! I was able to download the handling tool manual from the Fanuc website last week. It’s mammoth to say the least

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