Linear unit - move only E1

  • Hi.

    KRC4 8.3

    I have a question, how to set the E1 axis motion (linear unit along X axis) only in KRL. Without holding the tool TCP.

    Movements E1 (LIN, PTP) in the KRL keep the TCP (cartesian) in place.

    I need movement like in T1 and AXIS only and E1 is moved without holding the TCP.

    Now if i need move robot with tool I make something like this:

    LIN {X 1000, E1 1000}

    And I would like an E1 1000 and X tools to move together only with:

    MOVE {E1 1000}


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    • Helpful

    By default without stating something else {E1 1000} is interpreted as cartesian position. In cartesian moves coupling is on. If you command a axis position type only the external axis should move. So the trick is how to tell the system you want {E1 1000} interpreted as axis position. Various methods to achive this

    1) Declare a axis type variable and use it e.g.


    myAXIS.E1 = 1000

    LIN myAXIS

    2) Use directly an axis type variable

    LIN {E6AXIS: E1 1000}


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