YRC1000 FTP backup

  • Hello experts,

    I'm trying to setup automatic backups for the robots (YRC1000) in our facility with the FTP option. I've read through the manual RE-CTO-A221 chapter 9.3, but there is no mentioning of FTP even being an option.

    Settings in robot:

    IP : - My PC running FileZilla server

    Username : test

    Password : test

    Folder : rob1 - Subfolder on the server

    To test I opened the auto backup menu and set the robot to create a backup when mode is changed. It shows that a backup is being created, but no connection has been made to the server (checked in the admin interface for FZs). I get no error codes, and I am able to ping my PC.

    Does anyone here know what I am missing?


    I'm stupid, port 21 wasn't opened for incoming traffic on my PC.

    But the auto backup still isn't working, I've managed to use the SAVE function though...

    The bit #50767 = 1 (data backup transfer) for a while, but nothing happens server side.

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  • FTP functionality on Motoman robot can be a bit wonky.

    There are numerous parameter related to this function and even after following strict procedures given by Yaskawa I was not able to successfully FTP some of the robots I've worked on.

    Though, on my last project, I'm able to do so without altering any settings on the robot. But, you need to ping the robots before starting the FTP process, and only start the FTP process once pinged successfully, and it will generally work.

    I used Python with its ftplib package. Not sure if you are using other forms of FTP.

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