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  • Dear all,

    I'm new to the forum and already found very helpful posts, thanks for that. Anyways I'm still stuck with a question I have for a dispenser application of our Kawasaki robot with an E series controller.

    I need to access/get the real time speed of the robot/tool mounted on the robot, to adjust the extrusion rate of the dispenser correctly. Setting the extrusion rate according to the defined speed values in the code is not sufficient since real time speed is slightly varying what influences the thickness of the dispensed liquid.

    Does anybody know if there is a command in the controller that returns the real time speed of the robot?

    Looking forward to your ideas and many thanks in advance!

  • Welcome to the forum.......... :beerchug:

    With sealing spec robots, they already have commands available to integrate with a dispenser for flow control, bead shaping, purge controls, gun on/off timing with distance to retard or advance flow.

    However, not all of it is 100% documented if you use third party dispensers (ie not a fully supplied Kawasaki system).

    Attached is a manual referencing flow rate control (D controller, but still applicable for E Series) usually available to supplied sealing spec systems.

    Key commands are:

    FLOWRATE (System Switch to off for speed control)




    The following example code (demonstration of function only) is something I use to demonstrate a simple live speed feedback when moving the robot in teach mode executing it as pc task.

    A simple interface panel to display commanded speed, actual speed, and representative integer value provided by signals of the actual speed.

    If you cross reference the following commands, with the manual, you'll see how this is achieved.

    Obviously this is not how you would use it in production, however just by having the following integrated into your code prior to laying the bead then the following will produce a BCD integer via the 8 bits representative of the tcp speed (in this case max speed of 255mm/s) which you can plumb into your dispenser (you may need to use a multiplier in the dispenser to further tune it), this is a common method when not using any standard analog feedback options to the dispenser:

      SETOUTSIG 1,8,1 ;    
      SETOUTSPEED 0,bead_spd_rq,10,0.1; 

    Let us :top: know how you get on and hope it helps.............

  • Dear Kwakisaki,

    thank you very much for this perfect answer and the docs and code samples! That really helped a lot for my understanding, I'm now trying to implement it in the code and get back here as soon as I have the results :thumbs_up:

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