Denso 6DOF Industrial Robot Flip vs NonFlip

  • Hello my fellow roboticists!

    I am working on the forward kinematics of the Denso 6DOF vs087 line of serial robots. In their Users' Manual, they categorize the set of joint configurations by three different metrics:

    1. Lefty\Righty 2)Above\Below
    2. Flip\NonFlip

    While the first two are quite straightforward, the Flip/NonFlip is unclear. It has to do with the setup of the 4th, 5th, and 6th joints, in that the gripper pose is the same if they are all flipped by 180 degrees.

    But how are the "Flip" vs "NonFlip" configurations mathematically defined? Is there any way they can be categorized using DH parameters and transformation matrices? I tried all sorts of trigonometric inequalities, but none of them gave the correct answer in all cases. Ideas, anyone?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Nation - that was one of the first conditions I tried, but the robot controller responded contrarily.

    MOM - so what exactly is the range of J4 and J5 under which it is flipped, and under which it is nonflipped?

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