I/O help needed

  • i have an input that is used by an operator (via palm switch) to say they are clear of the nest so the cobot can pick up parts. after the cobot picks up the parts and moves to the next operation i need to be able to have the operator load nest and swipe the palm switch and move on. is there a function that will see that the palm switch has been swiped or does the cobot need to be waiting like i currently have.

    i am using a UR10e

    thanks chris

  • Hi Chris,

    Have you tried running the "THREAD" command in your code?

    THREAD allows the Cobot to continue it's operation while monitoring things like flags or I/O. You can then set Variables while the Cobot is still moving. So you can SET variables whenever the Operator provides the input from the switch, even if the Cobot is currently moving or performing an operation.

    Look up THREAD in the Polyscope User manual.

    Here's a snippet as well of the Polyscope manual:

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