Setup of an additional Dead Man switch

  • I have found a gap in our safety- often times we have more than one person in a robot cell when touching up some points and we don't have a second deadman switch for the person not using the TP to hold on to. I found some switches I think we will use by IDEC, but am wondering about the best integration. Would be be best to integrate to the safety PLC or directly to the Fanuc controller? I feel like Fanuc controller would be best but I wasn't able to find any documentation regarding that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • It depends on the options your controller is equipped with. If you have an additional safety IO board you can directly connect the deadman to the robot controller. If you are using e.g. CIP Safety or PROFIsafe you can connect the deadman to the safety PLC.

    Check the DCS manual and search for C_NTED. This is the SSO you can use for your additional deadman.

  • It depends on your safety setup. If you are already using CIP level DCS comms with a safety processor, you can mapped the safety signal to SSO[5], which is the NTED (Non-teaching enabling) bit.

    Otherwise you can wire up to CRMA96 on the OP board.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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