More novice questions

  • Hi again,

    • Is there any way to open a "Watch window" in roboguide to add some registers there to monitor their values while the virtual program is running? I have a strange behavior in my offsets and I would like to check that in a more comfortable way than executing the code step by step and navigating up and down in a divided window on the virtual teach pendant.
    • Is there any stop/halt isntruction like in ABB/KUKA to stop the code at that line?

    Thank you very much for your time and help! :thumbup:

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    • Helpful

    1. You can move the virtual TP off to another screen if needed, you can also press DISP to choose a single/double/triple split.

    2. There is a pause instruction under inst>program control, then you can press start again to resume, or you can wait on a register, and change the register value to resume.

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