Error AC primary off D1507

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  • Welcome to the forum............. :beerchug:

    Please describe your problem further:

    1. What controller are you using.

    2. What arm are you using.

    3. Does the controller power up, if so what is displayed on the screen.

    4. What errors are present, please include error code and details of message.

    5. What was the robot doing prior to the problem.

    6. What have you done to try and resolve it.

    Just a few questions to answer, and in future, try and provide these in your original post.... :top:

  • Thank you for the respone..

    1. The controlller type S52+ (model S52H-E001)

    2. The arm KT264 explosion proof

    3. Yes the power is power up

    4. The error code D1507 AC primary off. Check the board 1RA and 1HA led red is ON. The voltage of AVR check it standart +5, +12, and -12 VDC.

    5. The error occure uncertain, sometimes while proses , sometimes while the robot homepost position.

    I was try resolve it with :

    1. Change the AVR of board , Not good error still occure

    2. Change the 1RA board, not good error still occure

    3. Change 1SP board, Not good error still occurs

    Please give some suggestion for checking or change the another part to resolve the problem.. Thanks very much

  • Strange setup and configuration, I have not seen this type of controller with explosion proof robot before, especially without 1RB board installed but with Kawasaki, many possibilities available I think.

    Power off error is always produced when controller power is removed.

    - ie the error is not permanently displayed on teach pendant as power is lost.

    Please check:

    - Incoming 3 phases are supplied and balanced (same potential with respect to earth).

    - If one phase is lost or low, can cause power cycle problem.

    - Check AVR is plugged in and connection is not loose and all voltages are within spec.

    - Inspect umbilical connection points for bent pins, pushed in etc.

    - Check umbilical connections at back of controller and back of arm are secured.

    If problem occurs when robot is moving through certain positions:

    - Use teach mode and manually move robot and see if you can repeat problem.

    - If this happens, more than likely internal harness issue within robot.

    - Check for pulled/trapped/damaged internal harness.

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