Layout tool for multilayer/multipass welds

  • Hi,

    I would like to do a little survey here. I have posted about a tool for offline creation of multilayer / multipass welds here tool for offline creation and simulation for multilayer weld paths - weldslicer

    Since the original purpose of this is for more complicated welds I asked myself if someone here would be interested in a „lite“ version of weldslicer.

    To lay out a little bit:

    From a weld profile drawn as a dxf or stp and provided min/max weld speed, wire feed, wire diameter, max. bead width, bead sequence choice, start side of the bead this lite version would automatically determine the areas of the needed passes,determine X/Y position of the bead, weave width, weld speed, middle vector of weld gun approach.

    If you are interested please send me a PM. When there is sufficient demand I will do the „weldslicer lite“ and a beta test with you.

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