Fanuc 200ic R30ia MCTL-003 error

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a lr mate 200ic/5l with a r30ia robot, it was sitting unused for about 3-4 years. It had Bzal so I have replaced the robot batteries but are unable to jog the robot or remaster etc. Due to a MCTL-003 error which lingers when trying to jog.

    The robot itself is in a work cell that came from an auction that had a beckhoff controller talking to the robot over the rs232 and Ethercat. I have unplugged both the rs232 and the Ethercat and just trying to jog using the pendant but to not avail.

    Robot was not in transport configuration when purchased so I suspect it may be outside of a DCS, but no DCS option seems to be available on the ipendant.

    I'm thinking the best option is to create a backup and then do a fuss unit-start, this should hopefully remove any configuration related to the robot cell as I do not want to use that at this point in time anyway.


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